The end of Glee... til April

TV Guide recap writer Natalie Abrams posed these questions following the mid-season finale of Glee last night. I would post my answers in the comments, but why would I do that when I have my own blog about TV? Silly, silly...

Are you happy that Will left his wife for Emma?
Clarification: Will did not leave Terri for Emma. He left her becasue she was psycho and controlling and annoying and, oh yeah, LIED about being pregnant with his child. That is why he left her. But if he had left her for Emma, yes, I would be happy. Emma = adorable and Terri = evil.

How do you think Sue will try to take the glee club down next?
I could not even begin to predict her next move. Maybe she will, now that she is suspended from McKinley and not coaching the Cheerios, transer to another school and become their glee coach. New schools bring new students, new teachers, new drama.

Should Finn and Rachel finally get together?
Duh, yes. And while you're at it, cast some hunky guy to help Kurt move on (maybe he could be a member of a rival glee club! Oh, the drama!).

What songs do you want to hear from the glee club in the New Year?
Anything that involves more Artie, Mercedes, and Rachel. They are my faves! And please, no more rapping (Sorry Mr. Schue).

Is it just me, or does New Directions need some serious dance lessons before they even try to take on Vocal Adrenaline?
Yes, totally. And a whole lot more people. It seemed like Vocal Adrenaline packed the stage, compared to New Directions' 12 members. Maybe now that Sue is gone all the Cheerios will quit and move over to Glee...

So there you have it, those are my thoughts on Glee. 'Glee!' (in a high-pitched voice like in the recaps...)

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