DWTS Announced!

DWTS Season 7 cast was announced this week and, man oh man, what  lineup they've got this year! 

Lance Bass (of N*Sync glory) with newcomer Lacey Schwimmer
Toni Braxton (she has a deep voice...) with season one champ Alec Mazo
Brooke Burke (model/once hosted Rank! on E!- what ever happened to that show?) with Derek Hough
Rocco Dispirito (cooking guy) with Karina
Maurice Greene (track SUPERstar) with Cheryl Burke
Kim Kardashian (large derriere) with Mark Ballas
Cloris Leachman (who I just saw on the Bob Sagat roast-hilarious!) with Mark's dad Corky Ballas- aw!
Cody Linley (Hannah Montana fame) with Julianne Hough
Susan Lucci with Tony Dovalani (sounds like a Jane Seymour repeat...)
Misty May Treanor (everyone's favorite sand volleyball player) with Maks (sooo hot.)
Ted McGinley with newbie Inna Brayer
Jeff Ross (who was also on the Bob Sagat roast...) with Edyta (poor girl)
Warren Sapp (football player) with Kym Johnson

My picks? Still deciding... 

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