Here I am- back in the full swing of things at the first week of school. And what better way to celebrate the return to college life? With the premiere of Greek of course!

Watched it this morning (DVR is the most glorious invention, don't ya think?), and sadly, was a bit underwhelmed. I still love it and will still watch it, but thought it dragged a bit. I did cry a little though (I know, weird, it's this new thing that keeps happening to me) when Casey made the whole 'I found a family' speech to Rebecca. You could say my situation here at MU is similar (just a bit) to Casey's/Kappie's/Evan's, and I am noticing now more than ever how much I relate to them. Sounds sappy, but I was proud of most the characters this episode- Casey, Ashley, Kappie, Rusty, Dale, even Rebecca. Well done, kids. 

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