a little Sterling love

I love Mad Men. After watching a less than stellar hour of ABDC, it was such a joy to switch over to AMC and join my pals at Sterling Cooper...
And speaking of Sterling- Roger was great last night. My favorite Rogerisms:
"Do you ever get three sheets to the wind and try that thing on?"
-to the Brit about the armor in his office
"Oh look, it's Princess Grace, and she swallowed a basketball."
-to Betty (being more bratty than ever last night)

Also, a little interesting tidbit: Roger's daughter's wedding is scheduled to take place the day after Kennedy's assasination. Hmmm.

What else did I love?
Peggy, learning to flirt and getting ready to hold her own against the boys.
Best Draper quote of the night: "If you don't like what's being said, change the conversation."

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