ABDC ep2: Best and Worst

Best- Massive Monkees
I guess you could say I'm a sucker for b-boys, but seriously, they were adorable. This is a great example of taking on a challenge with creativity and originality! They took the prop- the hula hoop- and totally ran with it. Not only were their stunts awesome, but the whole schoolyard vibe totally fit. And, they have personlaity too! Way to go, Massive Monkees!

Worst- Beat Yo Feet Kings
Last week they weren’t clean, and this week they weren’t original. All they did was reenact Beyonce’s Crazy in Love. They got a girl to dress like Beyonce and guys to dance around her. Not very creative. They didn’t even update the ‘uh oh’ dance. They were supposed to take the Beyonce move and take it further, make it their own. Fail.

Since the Kings were already safe (wha?), the salsa dancers and Artistry in Motion had to battle it out in the bottom, with the girls of Artistry going home. Was I bummed? Yes. But not as bummed as Donelle. A wee bit dramatic, wouldn't you say? I'm not even going to replay the clip here because it is kind of embarassing.

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