Seinfeld's on Leno... who cares.

The first guest on the Leno show will be Mr. Seinfeld himself.

Although I've read that Leno won't be doing sit-down couch chats with his guests, THR.com reports that is exactly what will be happening, along with some stand-up from the comedian (Seinfeld, not Leno). Seinfeld has been on Leno six times already, including right after the Seinfeld finale (which drew 15 million viewers to the late night talk show).

Also appearing on the show are musical guests Jay-Z, Rihanna, and Kanye (<3).>
I, however, will not be tuning in. Ever. I feel bad that NBC sucks and has to do this to save money, but I support scripted television during prime time (okay, and a little 'reality' too...).

Oh, and also, I'm still labeling this 'late night' because, even thoguh it is on early, I don't think I care enough to give it it's own tag. Sorry, Jay.

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