'Horned God' attracts 5.3 million

5.3 million people tuned in to see the gang return to Bon Temps this week (a 20 percent increase from last week, AND their highest ratings ever), and they were not at all disappointed.

According to my sister, a fellow True Blood junkie, "It was a really good episode. I mean, really good. Like, so good [our] jaws were still open as the credits rolled. Actually, it was probably a great episode - it had some comedic, suspenseful, and even tearjerking moments.... And, to top off its greatness, there is a scene where you see Jason's bare chest and Sam's bare a**."

Couldn't have said it better myself.

And here is what the folks over at E! said about my favorite guys in their redux:

"The smiting of Sam Merlotte by "the horned god that comes" was brilliant! Andy Bellefleur (provider of horns), Jason Stackhouse (provider of shock, awe and killer abs) and Sam Merlotte himself (provider of smarts and shape-shifting magic) were an unexpectedly powerful team. Indeed, between Andy's drunken comedy stylings, Sam's self-sacrificing aplomb and Jason Stackhouse chainsaw performance, at least three of Bon Temps' few remaining sane male citizens were in fine form tonight. (Most shows can't get away with such things, but on True Blood, a redneck Ramboing through town with a chainsaw and a nail gun is just another brilliant tableau.)"

There are just two episodes of True Blood left and- surprise, surprise- MaryAnn is not giving up on Sam. And our noble hero is going to continue thinking its best to sacrafice himself to save his friends (Awww..). Spoiler Alert: Sam's got someone in his corner to rescue him. Any guesses who it is?


Anonymous said...

This may be your best blog yet! Great television = great blogging!

Danielle said...

I think you are just saying that because you are quoted in it!


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