Ah, my two loves- social media and television

I just finished reading this article from THR about new marketing techniques networks are using to get their shows some publicity. Obviously, word of mouth is huge- the article claims that it is second to on-air promotion when it comes to advertising, but I disagree. Just last night I saw a commercial for The Good Wife with Mr.Big and my Mom asked me what I had heard about it. Despite seeing the commercials, I have heard nothing. Will I watch it? No.

See, word of mouth wins.

Nowadays word of mouth has evolved into word of ‘mouse,’ using sites like Twitter and Facebook to get buzz going for your show. In fact, I just told you last weekend that you could become a fan of Community on Facebook and watch the pilot (which I did last night- hilarious!).

The one thing I don’t really agree with in the article is their assessment of which shows each network is pushing hardest for in their marketing- ABC fof Flashforward? Okay, sure. Fox for Glee? Um, duh. But NBC for Leno? I don’t think so. There has most definitely been a bigger word of mouse push for Community than any other fall show on NBC. I mean, come on, you even mentioned it in your article! I don’t see NBC doing anything new or original to advertise for Leno (beside the usual billboards, press releases, etc).

Anyway, here’s the bottom line. Word of mouse works. Just take a look at what happened to Bruno.

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