What I loved (and hated) about True Blood ep. 8

Love. <3

1. Godric is the shiznit. I think he should take over and rule the whole world. He presents a whole new dimension of vampire that I never even thought of- the fact that they have never evolved despite being alive for hundreds or thousands of years, that groups like the Fellowship have started because of them, that their violence is no worsee than humans... he is just brilliant. Forget team Bill or team Eric, I'm all about team Godric.

2. Jessica is the bee's knees. I'll admit, I hated her last seasoon when she was introduced (a-noy-ing), but this season I have grown to love her. I love the father-daughter dynamic between her and Bill and her romance with Hoyt. Last night, my heart just broke for her. What a dilemma! Poor girl.

3. Eric & Sookie... hmmm. I have been hearing all season about this Eric and Sookie romance going on and never saw it. I wasn't convinced Eric had any feelings towards Sookie; he was just using her to get Gordric back. Last night? They convinced me. And, I never considered Eric that good looking (I've always been a Bill fan), but last night when Eric came and stood next to Bill... convinced me again.

4. Jason is BACK. So happy to have my dopey Jason back to normal and away from those Fellowship crazies. Every moment he was on screen- from thinking he was 'saved,' shooting Steve in the head, telling Steve he had already been to heaven (ha! take that!), to hugging Bill- Jason was on last night! And he is pretty (please see photo).

5. Every thing falling into place. Finally! I think the people of Bon Temps need to start communicating! I bet if we got Sam, Andy, Tara, Eggs, Arlene, and that guy who sodomized the tree together in one room (without MaryAnn of course!) they could put it all together! The chances of that happening? Slim.


1. Human hearts. Being chopped up and served to people I like making them go crazy. Di-sturb-ing.

2. Crazy Fellowship people trying to blow up my friends.

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