Get yo' GREEK on

The season premiere of Greek is less than a week away (yey!) and I am so psyched. I used to sit in my sorority house and watch this show with all my 'sisters' but now that I am not going back to school (don't graduate!), I will have to relive the college experience through my friends at Cyprus Rhodes!

Warning this post contains spoilers.. and lots of them.

'The Day After'

The premiere picks up right where we left off, the morning after KT's End of the World Party. Cappie may have told Casey he wasn't interested, but that was before he knew about Max's departure. Will he change his mind now? Sources say we will get some resolution to the Cap/Case drama in the very first episode (!), but I doubt whatever they 'resolve' in the premiere will change thru the season. Rebecca's actions at the party will leave her trying to mend a relationship with someone she really cares about, or atleast trying to. Rusty is in trouble- failing organic chem and losing his honors status! eek! Dale might end up gettin' some cougar lovin'. Ashleigh and kitchen-boy Fischer's relationship gets rocky.

And coming up this season:
Dad's Weekend.
Casey v. Ashleigh catfight
ZBZ is not top dog on Greek row anymore
Rebecca realizes she is in college and just wants to 'have fun' (does that mean she will be more skanky than before? If that's even possible)
Evan and Cap trying to be friends
Love triangles with new hot waitress
Dale and Rusty going to a new level of friendship
Calvin in love? Maybe.
Thanksgiving break.
A Kappa Tau-Omega Chi confrontation in the season finale.

Go GREEK on August 31st on ABC Family.

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