Emmy nominations!

So it has been forever since I last posted. Trust me, I am aware of that. I promise I will get back into it as soon as my regular line up of shows starts again (with the ABDC premiere on August 9th! yes!). But for now, I couldn't resist posting some of my thoughts on the Emmy nominees.

Actor in a Comedy Series: Jim Parsons as Sheldon on TBBT. Alec will probably win. But anyone who has seen TBBT knows Parsons is comedic genius.
Actress in a Comedy Series: Christina Applegat as Samantha on Samantha Who? I’ll admit. I do not even watch this show. But I am sick of Tina Fey winning every year. Plus I don’t think ABC should have cancelled Applegate’s show and this would be a nice slap in the face.
Actor in a Drama Series: Jon Hamm as Don Draper on Mad Men or Michael C Hall as Dexter on Dexter or Bryan Cranston as Walter on Breaking Bad. Please don’t ask me to choose.
Actress in a Drama Series: Elisabeth Moss as Peggy on Mad Men. Sally Field is a close second. The Walker kids had her in all sorts of drama this season and she handled it beautifully, but Mad Men is a better show and Moss deserves the accolades.
Animated Program: Robot Chicken because I like Seth Green.
Outstanding Casting for a Comedy Series: 30 Rock. If five of their actors are nominated, that means something right?
Outstanding Casting for a Drama Series: True Blood. Since TB got left out of a lot this year, you gotta give ‘em this one.
Outstanding Choreography: Anything but Mia Michaels.
Outstanding Comedy Series: HIMYM. Hands down.
Outstanding Drama Series: Dexter, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, AND Lost? Win-win situation here.
Guest Actor in a Comedy: While I love love love Mr. Hamm, I gotta give it up to JT on SNL.
Guest Actor in a Drama: Jimmy Smits as Prado on Dexter was super creepy. He wins.
Guest Actress in a Comedy: Tina Fey as Sarah Palin on SNL better win. She changed the show, politics, pop culture…
Reality Host: Tom Bergeron of DWTS is a brilliant live host.
Main Title Design: Dexter is my all time fave, but since it isn’t nominated, my second all time fave True Blood better take it.
Reality Competittion: While I love DWTS, Top Chef and Project Runway feature way more talented contestants.
Reality Program: Dog Whisperer. I doubt it will win, but I can hope.
Supporting Actor in a Comedy: NPH for HIMYM. Duh.
Supporting Actor in a Drama: Michael Emerson rules as Ben Linus on Lost.
Supporting Actress in a Comedy: Please give it to Chenoweth for Pushing Daisies. It will forever be one of the greatest shows I have ever seen on television and ABC is so stupid for taking it away from me! She is a dream!
Supporting Actress in a Drama: Sandra and Chandra’s characters on Grey’s both evolved so much this season.

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