Fall Schedule!

So all this week I have been adding fall premiere dates to my calendar and it is starting to get overwhelming! These are just the shows I want to watch (I guess my HIMYM love will have to be pushed off for hiatus’. I just don’t have time!)

Sunday, 8/9

Sunday, 8/16
Mad Men, AMC 9pm

Monday, 8/31
Greek, ABC Family 8pm

Wednesday, 9/9
Glee, Fox 8pm

Monday, 9/14
OTH, CW 7pm

Thursday, 9/17
Community, NBC 8:30pm
Fringe, Fox 8pm

Monday, 9/21

Thursday, 9/24
Flashforward, ABC 7pm
Grey’s, ABC 8pm

Sunday, 9/27
Brothers and Sisters, ABC 9pm
Desperate Housewives, ABC 8pm
Dexter, Showtime 8pm

So you might be thinking, “Geez, Danielle. How in the world am I going to make this work?” Well, I will tell you. This is what I suggest.

Watch OTH at 7, followed by Greek at 8pm. DVR or catch DWTS online in time for the results shows on Tuesdays. CW and ABC Family both have sucky video players and it is hard to find episodes online.

DWTS day. I never cared much about the results show, but you can watch the show from the night before on DVR or online before you find out who gets kicked off!

Have a nice peaceful evening with Glee at 8pm. Oh, and catch up from some of that leftover Sunday television!

I’ll give first preference to the new shows- Flashforward at 7pm and Community at 8:30pm because they will need the ratings to survive. Although, that does give you an awkward half hour break… sheesh. If you have to watch one thing that night pick Grey’s at 8pm because it is by far the most popular and what people will be talking about. DVR Fringe or watch it online. It has too much suspense for commercials anyway!

Personally, I am watching ABDC at 8pm, followed by Brothers and Sisters at 9pm. I love Desperate but MTV’s video player is so slow. I can easily find Desperate online somewhere. The same goes for cable shows Mad Men and Dexter. Catch them later in the week.

Hope you weren’t planning to have a life this fall!

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