LOST at Comic-Con

(according to the NY Times)

"Producers wanted to stir one fan conversation in particular: Will last season’s cliffhanger — the detonation of a nuclear bomb that the castaways hoped would scramble time — erase the post-crash existence depicted on the first five seasons of the show? Most of the teases turned on the idea that the crash of Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 never happened. In one video the big-bellied Hurley (Jorge Garcia) is shown in a commercial for a Mr. Cluck’s fried chicken restaurant once landing safely. In another an Oceanic flight attendant boasts of the carrier’s “perfect safety record.”

The biggest tease was Dominic Monaghan, whom producers brought onstage as a finale. Mr. Monaghan, who played the recovering drug addict Charlie Pace, drowned in the show’s third season but not before writing a message on his palm. As he waved to the crowd, eagle-eyed fans could see there was a new message inked on his hand: “Am I Alive?” (It was a busy convention for Mr. Monaghan. ABC announced there on Friday that he would be joining the cast of its new fall science fiction drama “Flash Forward.”)

Yet even as the “Lost” producers toyed with the audience they injected some doubt, something they often do on the show itself. Mr. Garcia, in a scripted bit from the audience, complained that if the bomb gambit worked and the castaways never crashed on the island, that “would be a real big cheat.” Mr. Lindelof agreed, assuring him that the producers knew that approach would be a cop-out. “Just trust us,” he said."

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