Parenthood, get real.

I've got a bone to pick with you, Parenthood.

You are usually real. Sure, you've got a huge, blended family with a crazy-ton of problems, but at least I can relate to them. But this new boss for Adam thing? No way.

Do companies hire young, hip talent all the time? Sure. Do slackers who made good money on start ups/tech companies sometimes become the boss? Of course.

But this guy you brought in is extreme. He isn't relatable, he isn't believable, he isn't likable. There are still ways you could put stress on his relationship with Adam - he could have come in with the same crazy, 'let's be pre-99' attitude, but maybe he shows it by throwing out all the old plans/shoes. Maybe he shows it by taking the staff out on a 'field trip'. Maybe he announces no more suits and ties. Maybe he comes in with a huge, over the top, shoot for the stars idea the clashes with Adam's modest, realistic attitude. I don't know....

It's just that I work with creative, 'hip' people. People that probably share a lot of this new boss' views about the importance of thinking, about innovation, about creativity. But I don't think they act like he does.

I just think there is, er was a way for Parenthood to have Adam clash with his new boss without resorting to such extreme measures as showing him getting high in his office and playing bball with his buddies.

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michelle said...

I totally agree with you. I usually like to watch Parenthood, even though I myself am far from a parent but this plot is just out there. The boss just doesn't "fit" in and I can not see someone who got all that money actually buying a show company. I was very annoyed.


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