What Walkers do best...

Who loves it when all the Brothers & Sisters get silly on us? Me! Me! Me! I wish tonight's whole episode had been Kevin and Sarah in that gay bar singing karaoke! And how adorable was drunk Kevin? I think it is a requirement on the show for actors to be able to play drunk well. Oh, and Sarah and Graham? Hot. Please give us more of these two- the chemistry is unbelievable.
Best lines of the night-

"Let's go do what Walkers do best."
"Get drunk?"
-exchange between Sarah and Kevin

"Are you drunk dialing me?"
-Graham to Sarah

"Maybe I like being on the market."
-a very flirtatious/intoxicated Sarah to Graham


mak said...

Steve Guttenberg will make it to the end!

Audra said...

Good words.


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