Family Reunion

Was I the only one ecstatic to be reunited with the Walkers on Sunday night? Where did that come from? No new episodes for weeks, and then BAM!, a solid episode. I only wish ABC had done more promos so this lovely little family would have had more viewers tune in.

I’m totally rooting for Sarah and Steven Weber (the guy from Wings), but I don’t know how much longer I can handle their playful banter. Hopefully this relationship will progress a little in the new episodes.

I’m also overjoyed to see Lena go- hopefully this is the last we see of the little troublemaker.

But the big question this week is what we think of the Kevin-Scotty-Jason Triangle (not really a triangle, just two rays pointing out from Kevin in the center). While Jason is obviously the hunkier of the two, I’m feelin’ Scotty at the moment, and so is Kevin. But seriously, how long do you think that will last? Feel free to weigh in on your feelings in the comments below…

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