"This is the Gauntlet of the century"

Ryan was right. Tonight was the night for big Gauntlet battles. Let’s just start with the battle of all battles, the woman’s gauntlet.

First of all, the vets ‘lost’, which we will get to in a moment, and the two to go in…(que dramatic MTV commercial break)… Coral and Beth (gasp!). This really was the Gauntlet of the century and Ryan was right about another thing, people in America did want to see that. Beth and Coral are HUGE Challenge players, like legends, so for them to have to go head to head, and with the possibility of Coral actually losing (!) was even better. If Beth, the evil clown lady, had won, I would have cried. I think Evan (my main man) said it best, “No grandmothers allowed on the challenge.”

Before I move on to the dramatic male Gauntlet, just a few comments on the actual challenges.

1. Vet boys, as much as I hate you throwing missions, and as much as I know it will come back to bite you in the ass eventually, way to play it off really well (me being sarcastic). Evan screaming, Danny running in circles, all of you laughing at each other; when those girls catch on, they will literally kill you (especially your 8th man Ev).

2. Poor rookie girls. In that second challenge, you really sucked it up. I know they weighed 25 pounds, but it looked like you weren’t even trying! That was sad to watch.

Now, on to the most devastating Gauntlet of the season- the rookie male Gauntlet- We knew from the beginning that it would end up being Derek and Ryan in there (MTV is so good at foreshadowing), and when they picked Sliders as the game, I knew my boy was doomed. While I agree that Ryan was the right one to go in (Derek said himself earlier that it wasn’t a personal game anymore, but then wants to keep his bff? Sweet, but no thanks.), I never, ever, ever wanted him to win! Now the rookies seriously have no chance against the vets. It is their Nehemiah, MJ, Frank, and Ryan, versus vet powerhouses like CT, Evan, Kenny, Brad, and Danny. Good luck.

Now, as depressing as Derek leaving is for all of us, especially Paula (another couple goodbye, how precious. Puke.), here is a deleted scene courtesy MTV.com to give us hope. Maybe there are some bug eating missions Ryan can dominate…

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