The Italian Stallion returns!

That’s Amore, MTV, Sunday, March 2nd 10/9central

Those guys over at VH1 and MTV make the best reality shows, do they not? They are the originals, after all. From Real World to Charm School to Laguna to Tila Tequila and back again, these people are genius! And their newest show, That’s Amore with Domenico from Tila Tequila’s A Shot at Love, is going to be the next big hit! I remember watching A Shot at Love saying that they had to give that guy his own show- he is hilarious! With help from A Shot at Love’s crazy cowboy, Ashley, the Italian stallion will hope to find his one true American sweetheart from a group of 15 girls. 

Check out the trailer from MTV.com

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

March 2 is marked in my calendar!

I got my fiance, the hater of reality-shows, to watch "A Shot at Love" with me and he is as pumped as he can be for "That's Amore!"

However, as much as I love love love Domenico, will there be "A Shot at Love: Round 2"?? Country bumpkin Bobby dumped Tila... will she try to find new love with someone else? Also, has everyone forgotten about Dani?? I wanted her to have her own love-search reality show after the diss she received from Tila. Poor, Dani....


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