'Constant' Confusion - Lost 2/28

Just watched last night's episode of Lost. WTF. That was complicated. This 'time travel' issue is worse than the monster, dharma, polar bears, the black box- all of which we never got answers for. Last night's episode had so much info packed into it, I needed them to slow down. Like the auction scene with the Black Rock?! Whoa now. Coincidences in that episode (with help from the Lost redux)-

Penny's Dad is involved in an around-the-world sailing trip that gets Des stuck on the island. 
On last night's episode, Mr. Widmore buys a book relating the 'The Black Rock', you know, that huge, dynamite-filled boat that is now stuck in the middle of the island.
'The Black Rock' was owned by Magnus Hanso. 
The Hanso Foundation owned the Dharma Initiative.
Also, Ecko's stick told Locke, 'Look north, John 3:05' and the heading Frank used to get the helicopter off the island is North 305. Maybe Ecko was saying, 'Hey John, let's go home,' and not, 'Hey John, let's stay here and become an evil dictator,' after all. 

Best part of last night's episode? Des and Penny finally getting to talk to each other (awww)! Precious. Just precious. I hear there is a death coming up, but I am begging producers to let Des keep his promise and get back to his Penny ASAP. 

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