WTF. OMG (puke). WTF. Noooo!

That perfectly expresses my feelings during the Gauntlet III this week. No lie, I sit there with my computer and take notes, and those are the exact words I wrote down. I will explain...

WTF- on Tori saying she isn't going to compete in the Gauntlet. 

OMG (puke)- Could Melinda's loss be anymore dramatic? Her crying, Johanna crying, Danny swooping in to save her. And what is with all the couples?! Danny/Melinda, Frank/Jillian, Brad/Tori, Bananas/Casey, Ev/Brook, Derek/Paula, anyone else?

WTF- on voting MJ into the Gauntlet. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! No doubt that Nehemiah should have gone in. He totally lost it for the Rookies. As I was watching it though, they are getting ready to announce who is going in and they go to a commercial break (as usual), and I literally wrote down 'commercial breaks are never a good sign.' I'll say it again. WTF.

Noooo! To MJ losing, of course. First of all, I love him. Second of all, I despise Frank. And third, the rookies no longer stand a chance. They might as well have the finale next week. Ridiculous. 

Side note: Evan, I love you. You were a God this challenge. 

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