The only reason they clapped was because I told them you’re retarded.

Note to CW: As annoying as K-Fed is, please keep inviting him back on the show and feeding him cheesy lines like that one so we all can sit at home and laugh. Thank you.

Who was totally blown away by Peyton kissing Lucas at the end of the episode? (Not me.) Now, who was totally blown away by Lucas kissing her back? (Me!) And then, who was completely and totally blown away by Lucas proposing the Lindsey in the final moments? (Me! Me! Me!) While I used to be a Leyton hater, now I’m totally rooting for them. Move over Lindsey.

Here are some notes to the other Tree Hillers:

Mouth: Thank you for dumping the cougar and giving us back the guy we all know and love! Now go get that Milli…

Haley: Puh-lease give Nathan a break! If you only knew how good he was being!

Quinton: Thank you, thank you, thank you for punching K-Fed.

Nathan: Keep those lights off and curtains closed. If you cheat on Haley (or me) with that slutty nanny I will die.

Slut (she is not good enough to be called by her real name): Back off

(photo courtesy boymeetswurld at flickr.com)

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mak said...

One Tree Hill is the best show in the world


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