Crazies on Daytime TV

I don't usually watch daytime television, especially not Dr.Phil, but today I was at work and they had it on. Holy cow! These are some crazy people.

So this married (now seperated) couple comes on the show accusing each other of lieing, among other things. Elizabeth says her husband, Matt, is a pathological liar, con man, and alcoholic. He says he is a doctor, has a huge house in Florida, his father died three weeks ago, and he has cancer, all of which may (or, more likely, may not) be true. Matt says Elizabeth is a sociopath and accuses her of having inappropriate sexual relations with her son.

Hold on, it gets better.

Randy and Rhonda are a married couple and friends of Matt's. They have taken him into their home and are helping him deal with his 'final phase' (because of the 'cancer'). And by 'dealing,' they mean letting him sleep in their bed with them. Or sometimes just sleeping with Rhonda, while Randy sleeps in a seperate room.

The best part is, this Matt fellow kept yelling at Dr.Phil, saying things like, "Whatever, it is your show... It is for entertainment... You are obviously on my wife's side... You have more money than me...I'll leave right now...I didn't come on here to get attacked" (that was when the audience was laughing at him, oops). At one point, he even told the Doc that he would give up custody of his two daughters and just let him adopt them. Whaaa?

Psychos? Yes. Worst part is Elizabeth and Matt are currently battling for custody of the two girls. They took lie detector tests, but I'm not sure how all that turned out (I am at work, afterall). Check out all the details, including a helpful tipsheet on how not to get 'conned', at Dr.Phil's website.

(photo courtesy greggoconnell at flickr.com)

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Anonymous said...

If you think the "stories" on Dr. Phil are crazy you should try keeping up with Daytime soaps, like my fave, Days of Our Lives. Go to a webiste and just read through those weekly summaries...


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