FINALLY, THE STRIKE IS OVER! Thank the good lord that we finally get our shows back and can stop watching endless hours of reality shows (or the bad ones at least). For more strike info, check out Watch with Kristin at E!online, and she will give you all the dish. 

Recently on the site, she talked to a bunch of TV execs about what is happening with our favorite shows. Here is the scoop on some of my faves...

30 Rock: (One of the shows I don't watch, but wish I did) Expect five to nine more episodes in April and May. (NBC)

Brothers & Sisters: First off, thank God for that new episode on Sunday night (I love me some Walkers!). Sadly though, they are only filming four more episodes to air during May sweeps. (ABC)

Desperate Housewives: Expect six or seven more episodes from these lovely ladies during May sweeps. (ABC)

Dexter: (another show I wish I watched) A third season is promised, but when? No one knows. (Showtime)

Friday Night Lights: (another one I wish I watched) We all know the last episode aired last Friday, but what is the exact fate for the series? It will most likely be up to the fans to save this one. (NBC)

Gossip Girl: The CW's new baby will be back 'as soon as possible,' according to Executive Producer Josh Schwartz. The CW has requested nine more episodes for this season. (CW)

Grey's Anatomy: We can expect more episodes to air in April and May, however, I don't know how much I care anymore. I wasn't too impressed with the season we saw earlier this fall, so they better work harder to win me back. Hopefully, the addition of Joshua Jackson will help. (ABC)

Heroes: (wish I had time) It won't be back this season, but may premiere in late summer instead of the fall. (NBC)

Lost: while they still have new episodes left, they are expected to produce more for the season. I hope so! I didn't wait months and months for only eight new episodes! (ABC)

Mad Men: (another one, man I need more TV time!) According to Executive Producer Matt Weiner, they are already back in production and are expecting to air by summer. (AMC)

October Road: Again, loved the new episode on Monday! There are three new episodes left, but no word on more episodes or a future season. Please y'all, start watching this show! Nick and Eddie are reason enough! (ABC)

The Office: (I know, I can't believe I don't watch it either) Expect six to ten new episodes this season. (NBC)

One Tree Hill: They have about six new episodes left, and the CW has requested five or six more to finish out the season. Yipee! (CW)

Pushing Daisies: First of all, if you have never watched this show get on ABC.com and check it out! It is a charming series! Executive Producer Bryan Fuller says the crew won't be back in the studio until March, and that was regardless of the strike outcome. That means the season they had this fall (six lovely episodes I believe) makes up season one, but hopefully, this won't be the end of the Pie Maker! (ABC)

The Tudors: Season two is starting next month. (Showtime)

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