Finally, I'm Lost!

So I finally watched the Lost premiere last night (yeah, just in time to miss it again tonight! eerrrr). Anyway, this new season totally puts a spin on everything we thought we knew about the show. In the past, we were watching flashbacks to get to know the characters, but now with the flash forwards, everything changes. It is like we know how it is going to end but we have no clue how it gets there! And we are going to have to wait a couple years just to figure it all out (maybe longer if the dumb strike doesn't end!).

Like in the premiere, Hurley screaming he is one of the 'Oceanic Six?!' Kate, Jack, him, maybe that dead dude from last season (he could have been one of the rescuers...); that is at least three survivors already. What about the rest of them?! And, there is no doubt in my mind that Lost producers will start knockin' people off left and right, now that they know when it is ending and don't need the big players to keep the show going.

Speaking of big players, please do not kill Sawyer! How sad was it for him and Kate to chose different sides? Hopefully they reunite ASAP because I can't stand to see Kate loving on the wussy Jack instead of Sawyer.

My only disappointment with the premiere was a fairweather tribute to Charlie. I did not did not like him coming back as a ghost or whatever. I wish Hurley had seen the numbers, or had seen one of the rescuers or others that we don't even know yet. Then we would have been like, 'who is this dude?' But no, Charlie as a ghost. Fine, whatev. And the other characters weren't as sad as I would have hoped. Hurley does the whole Charlie speech at the end, but all those other people that were with Jack and Kate didn't even know he died yet. Why weren't they like, 'WTF?! What happened?' Disappointing.

Looking forward to a great season though.....

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