‘I don’t mind, you don’t matter’

Another brilliant quote from Kenny (I love him).

Who went home: Janelle and Zach

What made me smile:

1. Kenny, Eric, Coral, and Evan trying to get Eric into that life jacket.

2. MJ running up in the sand, blond locks blowing in the wind (I’ve been waiting to see one of my Philly boys – him or Landon- back on a challenge!). He has great potential, but hopefully, he steps it up in the challenges and shaves his head (ala Zach).

What made me want to puke:

1. Danny and Melinda. Please put them in the Guantlet ASAP, because I’m betting that if they go in, they will lose, and thus, go home.

2. Frank and Jillian. Good lord, you two are annoying. And dramatic. Geez, I thought Frank was going to have a seizure when she was in the Gauntlet.

What made me sad:

1. Zach going home. I think he had a lot of potential to be a good player, and to be one of those fun guys that are staples to the show (i.e. Evan, Kenny, Bananas, etc.). I would have been much happier had Frank left.

2. Evan plotting with Kenny. I know you need to ‘trim the fat,’ but leave all that bashing up to CT (I already dislike him…).

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