Sorry for my slacking...BIG Recaps.

So I have been slacking on my TV watching and I apologize. Believe me, it's hurting my feelings more than it's hurting yours, I'm sure. I'll just recap my TV thoughts from the week...

Lipstick Jungle 
I haven't ever watched this show, so I can't really judge, however, I did notice something last week that made me want to check it out. Two words- Andrew McCarthy. Yes, Brat Pack Andrew McCarthy. Yes, Weekend at Bernie's Andrew McCarthy. And most importantly, yes, Weekend at Bernie's 2 Andrew McCarthy. Those two movies are quite possibly two of my favorite comedies of all time, so just for that, I might give the new, watered down Sex and the City a chance on Thursday. 

Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew
This is partially in response to a comment posted earlier (post a comment!), and partially because I've been watching this show randomly the last couple weeks. Here are my concerns...One- where is Randy Jackson? Two- why is Mario Lopez hosting? Three- Can Lil'Mama dance? Four- Can JC dance? And five- Have they watched any of the routines from the UDA National Dance Team Championship this past February? I particularly recommend the robots of Floyd Central (they got first in varsity pom, as usual). I know it is not TV related (although it will air on ESPN sometime this spring, hopefully), but here is their routine, compliments varsitywired.com.

Anyway, as dumb as the judging/hosting/sponsoring of the show is, I still enjoy workin' it on the dance floor. Hands down best of the week- Status Quo's rendition of 'Crank Dat.' Crazy stunts. Great song. And one of the guys hurt his ankle the week before. Check, check, check it out, compliments therunitman at youtube.com

One Tree Hill (from 2/19)
This afternoon, I finally caught OTH from last week, so I don't really have to worry about giving anything away. Peyton saying she will let Lucas go? Yeah, right. And the whole thing about Lucas and Peyton's kiss remaining a secret? No way, Jose. Oh, and if Nathan thinks that no one will ever find out about him and that slutty nanny of his, he is delusional. Now, I have not watched the most recent episode (so I won't get to until Saturday! Darn CW!), but those are just some predictions. Oh, oh- but who loved that Lindsay pretty much proposed to herself. Like she found that ring and assumed it was for her, ha. That's gonna work out really well....

Lost (from 2/21)
Holy cow. So I was bad and read a spoiler on Watch with Kristin that said "Kate has a ____, and it is ____. You fill in the blanks." So the whole time I'm watching, I'm trying to guess. The obvious of course, Kate has a baby (duh), and it is Sawyer's. Too easy. Then at the end, when she is talking to Jack about coming to see 'us', I'm like hold the phone! Kate has a baby an it is Jack's. But there was still like 5 minutes left, so I knew that there had to be some other big twist coming in the last 3 seconds... Kate has a baby and it is Aaron! WTF?! 

Did not see that one coming. I think that this season is the best since the original, heart-pounding season 1. Who's with me? Don't get me wrong, I loved the second and third seasons- hatches, others, more survivors, ping pong tables, submarines, magic boxes, people getting shot left and right- what's not to love? But this season's mix of the flashforwards adds a whole new element of mystery. I want to know how it all fits together more than ever before!

Favorite scene of the night? When Kate is in the room talking to her mother and her mom asks to see her grandson. Kate gets up and walks over to the door and says, "We're finished." Bangs on the door and yells, "We're finished." Reminiscent of Jack and Kate's discussion of Ben's surgery when Kate tells him they are going to kill Sawyer in season 3's 'I Do.' By the way, even though I am 100% team Skate, that Jake scene happens to be one my favorite Lost scenes ever. Check it out below, compliments biggestmistakeever at youtube.com. 
Questions? Comments? Concerns? Please post below!

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