Get real, PTC.

"Real-world teachers don't lap dance with their students."
-Dan Isett, Parents Television Council

Newsflash, Dan. Real world students don't break out in song every ten minutes either. Real World students don't get slushied in the face everyday and the administration do nothing to stop it. Real world high schools don't have Sue Sylvester shooting her cheerleaders out of cannons.

Glee is a television show. It is fiction. It is not real. It is for entertainment only.

That being sad, did it get a little racy this week? Sure. But as much as people want to make it out as good, wholesome family entertainment, it's not. Finn thought he got Quinn pregnant from making out in a hot tub. The boys used images of Beaste to slow down their, er, urges. Santana and Brittany's relationship is was solely based on sex. I mean, seriously, you think the 'Like a Virgin' or 'Touch Me' from Rocky Horror were family appropriate? No way.

This week's episode was a little out there - Emma is still a virgin; Puck and Lauren want to make a sex tape and are only NOT making one because they aren't 18 (what happens next year?); and I don't buy Santana as a lesbian, that came out of nowhere.

But look on the bright side.... It wasn't preachy. It wasn't unrealistic. And Kurt's talk with his Dad was probably the best sex talk I have ever seen on television. Parents everywhere should just right it down word for word and tell it to their kids.

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