Oh God, Dex.

Watched the Dexter finale last night....

Am I the only one that really only cares about what the hell is going on with that lab geek?! The one that is obsessed with serial killers?! And mailed Dexter the arm from the Ice Truck Killings?!

Maybe I'm just finished with the whole Doomsday killer. There have been too many close calls, too many encounters with Dex. No more mystery or intrigue. I lost it about the time we found out Gellar was dead and Travis locked Dexter in the basement. That was finale-worthy for me. That was unexpected. Travis taking Harrison? Not unexpected (especially since it was featured on 'next week on Dexter'). Dexter faking him out with the needle? Not unexpected.

I guess I just gave up. I knew Dexter was going to get him, eventually, and I was hoping something nuts would happen along the way. Maybe he kills Batista's sister? Maybe even Harrison? All that would have been shocking. Dexter finally getting the bad guy? I sort of assume that is going to happen.

I actually was hoping the department would realize Travis was after Dexter - the missing boat, the painting, taking Harrison. I wanted them to be like, 'Wait... what does this guy know about Dexter? Why is he after him?' I wanted them to be like, 'Wait... why do all our big cases link back to Dexter? Ice Truck Killer. Trinity. Bay Harbor Butcher....' Why doesn't Quinn, now that he isn't with Deb any more, start suspecting Dexter again?  If Deb is such a great detective, why doesn't she connect the dots?

And Deb. Oh, Deb. I don't like at all where this is going. Boardwalk Empire provided me with enough incest to last a life time.

Let's take a vote on how Deb will react to seeing Dexter killing Travis:
A. Sob uncontrollably and/or have a major meltdown, sending her into a psych ward.
B. 'Holy shit fuck. You're a monster just like the rest of my ex-boyfriends!'
C. Be all like, 'Whatev. You're my bro. I still love you. Thanks for killing all those bad guys!'

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Mrs. Williams said...

Ha. I agree. This season was cray & I didn't really like it. I don't like the incest direction at all & I really want to know what's up with Travis. I thought for sure Batista's sister was going to get killed. Every Quinn scene with his looking super disheveled cracks me up.

And I'm leaning towards a combo of A & B with Deb.


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