Farewell Terra Nova

So, Fox cancelled Terra Nova. I'm not really surprised... bad acting + slow storytelling made for low ratings, and a gazillion dollar budget meant it wasn't worth a second round. Honestly, I don't think it was that terrible. There were plot lines that intrigued me - What is the writing on the rocks?! Who is sending these people!? Is Taylor bad? Is his son bad? Ahh! - and the finale was pretty great - Are they seriously starting civlization over?! Without any technology or medicine or anything?! The problem is people were too obsessed with bad dinosaurs, they couldn't get to enjoying the actual story. Remember how LOST did not show you the monster? And it was still scary? And when it did turn out to be a weird rope bully system and/or black smoke, you were already invested and didn't care if it was lame? That is what Terra Nova should have done. We didn't need to see bad CGI-dinos to know they were a threat. You just killed your budget.

Any who, Shep from Let's Talk TV thinks this is good news for Alcatraz - also low in the ratings. With openings from Terra Nova and the end of House, Fox needs something to stick around and fill the spot. Good news for me, because I actually adore Alcatraz.

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