Jimmy Fallon to replace Leno in late night... Good idea?

David Letterman Rips "Crazy" Tonight Show Succession Plan: "What Are They Thinking?"

My thoughts exactly.

Any one who thinks this is a great idea must be suffering from some serious short term memory loss. A quick browse through my 'late night' category and it's obvious that I wasn't a fan of NBC's treatment of Conan or Leno's primetime show. But the problem started long before that, in thinking that Conan could fill the shoes of Jay Leno to begin with.

I love Conan, really I do. But he just isn't as 'traditional' a performer as Leno is to keep that audience or to compete with Letterman. And while Jimmy Fallon follows in more or those traditional footsteps (and has the backing of Lorne Michaels), I still think it is going to be too much of a change to hold on to the audience Leno has re-acquired since being back at his Tonight Show gig.

I get it. Change must happen. We can't just replace one old, stand-up guy for another. But it seems like it would be easier if NBC was in a better place in the ratings... or if they hadn't just made a debacle of all this a couple years ago.

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