ABC fall trailers

.... or at least the ones that intrigue me.

  Dr. Ken. Hoping this will be less obvious than the trailer. Mainly because I'm obsessed with that kid from Trophy Wife.

The Family. Quite a cast. Compelling trailer with family entanglement, political drama and a mystery, too. Will watch, if only for a season.

The Muppets. Easily the best/most anticipated trailer for this fall, or ever. Looks like the right kind of self-aware Muppets update.

Oil. Basically Dallas 3.0. And that voiceover... oof. But Kappie! And Chace! Likely to be my new guilty pleasure (since I refuse to watch any new Shonda series).

Uncle Buck. Love the movie, and this looks like a great update... with legs to go beyond the first ep. Let's hope it doesn't just recycle most of the movie's jokes.

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