I spent all of last Saturday catching up on One Tree Hill, and thank god I did! Last night's episode was ridiculous. It was one shocking moment after another for every character (excluding Milli and the bartender, who weren't shown at all... wtf). Here, I rank the night's big surprises...

7. Lydia dies. 
Least shocking thing to happen in Tree Hill all night. I mean, they told us it was coming. Tears, Taylor drama, cute photo slideshows, and crafts by Jamie are all to be expected by now. The line, "Hello handsome," that she uttered as she died was ridiculously cheesy though.

6. Brooke acts like... well, Brooke. 
Brooke's freakout about Julian and Alex was completely normal... for Brooke. For normal people? Not so much. Punching people, laying on the floor like a child, and dressing a guy in horrid running gear is NOT normal. 

5. Alex sleeps with the sleezey guy from the movie... and makes a sex tape. 
Last night, I actually said to myself, "I wish someone loved Alex." I am seriously starting to feel bad for her. I wasn't that shocked when she showed up at that jerk's hotel room, and wasn't surprised the guy decided to film her... but did she know? I thought it looked like she did, but in the previews for next weekend she acts like she didn't.... hmmm. 

4. Crazy psycho tennis player
Some people new to Tree Hill might be surprised that this psycho athlete is going to come in and try to steal Clay. But fans of the show know that the little town isn't the same without a crazy roaming the streets (see Nanny Carrie, Dan, Peyton's stalker Dereck...)

3. Julian + Brooke 4 Ever
Brooke acted like a crazy person, as usual, but I was really surprised that Julian (a) forgave her so quickly and (b) kissed her. I mean, it's about time! I'm really sick of all their drama.

2. Victoria plants one on Alexander
I'll admit, I wasn't too surprised Victoria was hooking up with Alexander and not Paul. But I was surprised at the end of the episode when she planted a big smooch on him. Ah, another cougar romance graces Tree Hill...

1. Skills!
Mouth and Lauren getting together? Not a surprise. Skills showing up in Tree Hill? BIG surprise. I literally said, 'Oh my god,' out loud when he walked in. Especially after all of Antwon Tanner's legal troubles, I didn't think he would ever be back from LA. 

Did I miss anything? The preview for next week looks amazing (Skills punches Mouth, Victoria and Alexander caught in the act, crazy tennis girl shows up in Tree Hill...)! Can you believe this show is in danger of being cancelled?! WTF. Stop that by voting for this petition. 

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