playing catch up

Welp, now that I am all caught up on One Tree Hill, now it is time to move on to some other shows I've neglected over the past few months.

(After surfing the net, I was actually surprised that I am also already caught up on Community, ABDC and Desperate Housewives. Thanks repeats!)

Brothers and Sisters
Last watched: Episode 12, 'The Science Fair'
Episodes to watch: Three

Last watched: Episode 7, 'The Gift'
Episodes to watch: Three

Grey's Anatomy
Last watched: Episode 10, 'Holidaze'
Episodes to watch: Four (I already watched this past week's 'Time Warp')

Last watched: November. It started back up again in January and I haven't caught a single episode.
Episodes to watch: Five

Last watched: Episode 8, 'August' (I think... how bad is that?)
Episodes to watch: Seven


Kristin said...

I'm disappointed you haven't watched 1 episode of Greek! They can't be cancelled!!

Danielle said...

No worries! It got renewed!


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