Emmy Snubs (in my humble opinion...)

Would have loved to see nominations in some capacity for...
Fringe. I know it's sci fi, but we've all accepted Game of Thrones! Can't John Noble or Anna Torv get some love?
Justified. This drama has me at the edge of my seat every week. Raylan, Boyd Crowder, the opening credits. Something desereved a nomination.
Wilfred. It's a smart, dark comedy, which obviously doesn't play well against LOL shows like Modern Family. But come on! It's original.
Happy Endings. It's at least funnier than Veep, IMHO.

I'm surprised these guys didn't get nominations...

Matt LeBlanc on Episodes. I don't watch, but feel like critics are raving about him every week in EW and TV Guide. 
Hugh Laurie on House. He's been a regular in the drama category, but was snubbed in his final year. 
John Slattery on Mad Men. I always think he is brilliant, but that LSD trip this season? Awesome work. 

I think it is weird that...
They moved Missing to a mini-series, when I'm pretty sure it was just a series that got cancelled. 
SNL is in the regular comedy categories and not variety show. I guess they did away with that variety/musical category and weren't sure where to put it. Just think it is hard to compare the work of actors playing one character/story over the course or a season vs actors playing multiple characters/stories each week. 

Also worth noting...
Not a lot of play for network TV, particularly in the drama category. Ouch. 
American Idol didn't get nominated. Double ouch. 


Kristin said...

Did Glee get nominated? If you ask me that's a (well-deserved) snub.

Danielle said...

nope! It may have gotten some random nods for lighting or music or something (not sure) and I know Beiste did get a nomination for Best Guest Actress in a Comedy. I'd love for her to win that, as I believe she shines in every scene, especially this season. But it is so hard for a dramatic role to win in the comedy category.


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