NBC's Olympic Coverage

Give NBC a break, people. 

Except for that Today Show Missy Franklin promo, I think they've done a pretty good job of not showing information before it's shown in prime time. In fact, I've laughed at the 'look away' warnings I see during the day online and on the broadcasts. 

And stop complaining that other countries are watching free via YouTube and we have to pay for cable to watch live streaming (#firstworldproblems). This sh*t is expensive and someone has to pay for it. I don't know how the other countries afford it. I don't know how it all works. But I support television networks year round - not just when a show comes out that everyone is talking about or when Ryan Lochte is swimming for gold. I don't feel bad for you. Stop thinking everything can/should be free. 

We need to face it. Everyone is consuming news/entertainment (I'm not sure which the Olympics qualify as) differently. Some people want it all live and streaming and as it happens. Some people only want to see it in prime time. NBC is trying their best to cater to both crowds. 

What would you have them do? Create two websites? One with 'spoilers' and one without? What about the obscure sports like weight lifting or canoeing or skeet shooting that aren't shown in prime time? Are we to never discuss those results because they weren't shown at an optimal time? Those only get prime time coverage if Americans win gold. 

And what's really a 'spoiler' anyway? It's already happened.... how long before it isn't a spoiler anymore? If I choose not to look up/watch USA Men's Gymnastics until I have free time on Wednesday, is it really NBC's fault that I found out they failed miserably in the finals? 

Oops... spoiler

(Sorry I'm not sorry.)

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