Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Trailer

The MOST devastating moment? Really?

As much as seeing Lexi die totally sucked. And as much as I'd hate to lose Arizona or Mark (although I'm guessing one or both of them is a goner)... The plane crash just didn't seem like that big of a deal to me.

Maybe it was because I was too distracted by the total LOST ripoff?

No, I think I'm just in Christina's camp on this one. She seems unfazed by the crash (same feeling here, obviously) and just wants to leave 'Seattle Grace Mercy Death.'  Let's face it.... that hospital is the new Wisteria Lane. Disaster after disaster after disaster. I'm beginning to think I should never go to Seattle. I might drown on a ferry or stabbed by an icicle or get eaten by a lion!

Grey's has had some real chilling moments. George's death, the shooting. Moments that I'll never forget.  I'll remember where I was watching, who I was watching with, what I was thinking. I still get chills watching this trailer. I don't think you can top those 'devastating' moments with disasters. It was about the characters, the storytelling.

The plane crash was just about... the plane crash.

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