Grey's Finale Thursday!

Finale week is here!

After last year's amazing finale, and an up and down season this year, Grey's Anatomy has a lot to live up to in its season finale this week... but judging from what I'm hearing, and the promos on ABC, it looks like they just might top that shocking 007 death from last year.

I would SPOILER alert you, but if you read the internet or watch TV, you already know this...

There's a shooter in the hospital! Is it a random person? An ex-Mercy Wester? That guy who was suing the hospital a couple weeks back? Dun dun dunnnnnn. I don't know. But people are going to die. I just know it... and that's what all the websites are saying and they don't lie, right?

Here's a promo...

Oh yeah, and a couple more things...
One couple will break up.
One couple will get together.
And Meredith is preggers.

Can't wait for Thursday!

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