Brothers And Sisters: Heartbreaking Finale

I've seen a lot of TV finales in my day, but none seemed to drag on quite like the Brothers and Sisters finale last night. Maybe it was because we knew there would be a car accident, so the whole time I was just sitting there, waiting for that. Everytime someone went to leave, or got in a car, or it was nighttime, I thought, 'This is it!' But I was always wrong. 

Until approx. 8:57 pm (CST) when finally (erg... that's bad to say isn't it?) we got to the accident scene. And I'll admit, it was heartbreaking. 

My thoughts on the finale:
  • I'm sick of Rebecca and Justin. Have they ever been happy for more that two episodes at a time? Annoying. 
  • I've always hated Holly, but I don't want her to die. I kind of like that she has had personal drama to add to the mix this year, as opposed to just being a bitch. 
  • Parks and Rec, you are so evil for stealing away Robert.  Kitty + Robert 4 Ever. 
  • Saul is HIV positive. Sad day. I especially felt for him bc I just happened to watch Milk this weekend too. It is heartbreaking what his generation, and those before him, went through. 
  • I love Sarah. Sure she can be annoying, but she provided some comic relief in this episode- even though she was over dramatic. 
  • Ojai Water Company? Walker Water? Narrow Lake Water? What will they name the new company?!
I'm pretty sure Brothers and Sisters is doing a year time jump between now and next season, and I'll admit, I'm really unhappy about it. I want them to deal with the tragedy, mourn the losses, front and center. I don't want to see a them a year later when (some) of the struggle has subsided. I don't want to see everyone adjusted. Take a cue from Dexter, and deal with it. 

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Kristin said...

When I heard rumors they were going to jump ahead a year, I thought "ok, that's fine. It'll make things interesting." But now that I watched the finale, I agree, I want to see them mourn, cope, etc. all of these new developments.


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