See ya Ang.... and other developments on the Lane

Did you watch the Desperate Housewives finale?

I just went to post about it and realized I didn't have much to say.... It seemed more like a normal episode than a finale. I feel like their sweeps episodes are more eventful than that (ummm plan crash?).

Loose ends:
  • Sam takes the company and runs. Nice knowin' ya. 
  • Angie pulls a switcheroo and kills Patrick. Her and Nick run away (to Atlanta?) and send Danny off to NYC. Does this mean we will still see him and Anna again?
  • Mike and Susan leave the lane. 
  • Lynette has her baby in the most awkward circumtances ever (sorry, this whole wrap up to the killer story line was weird), and Eddie turns himself in. 
New developments:
  • Orson leaves Brie, prompting her to tell Gaby that Andrew killed Carlos' mother. 
  • Mary Alice's husband comes to live in the lane. Scandel. 
  • One of the kiddos doesn't belong to who they think it does. 

What I'm hoping for next season:
  • I'm actually looking forward to the 'this ain't my kid' storyline. Who could it be? And maybe more importantly, are they going to tell us why the kid was given to the wrong parents? It doesn't seem like it could have been a mix up... was it on purpose? 
  • I'm also hoping we actually get some reaction to the Eddie situation. Susan was so mad for so long about whoever attacked her daughter and I'd like to see how she deals with the fact that her BFF has befriended the 'monster.' 
  • More interaction with the ladies... this season it seemed like they all lived their own lives. 
  • I want an episode of the girls finding a replacement Susan. A woman on the street who acts like, and maybe looks just like her. I think it would be funny. 
  • I want Brie to fall apart. Start drinking again. She potentially has lost everything in this finale- company, son, husband. There's no better (or worse) way to deal than with a glass of Chardonney, right?

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