Who's gonna die?

Rumor Mill:
Someone is dying on the finale of Brothers and Sisters. Who could it be?
Nora: The show cannot go on with out her. Seriously.
Tommy: He was barely on the show this season, but seems to be making a comeback (what with all the drama surrounding Kevin killing a guy in high school and Ojai getting sold and Narrow Lake...). I used ot hate Tommy, but would like to see him come back to the show next season in a bigger role.
Sarah (and Luc): Let's just lump these two together for now. Luc has just been upgraded to series regular for next season, so unless he becomes a widow fast, or haunts Sarah as a ghost, these two ain't goin no where.
Kevin (and Scotty): If they kill one of these two before the baby comes, I will freak out. No lie. Plus, rumor is they are opening a restaurant with...
Saul: ... so that puts him out of the running too.
Kitty: Doesn't appear to be in trouble, thanks to previews. It looks like there is an accident, but she isn't involved.
Robert: Obvious choice? Yeah probably. It wouldn't be much of a surprise.
Justin: As much as I hate to say it, the baby of the family might be the best choice to write off. That or his wife...
Rebecca: ... The two have been fighting a lot, and I feel like their storylines are uber boring. Fight, make up, fight, make up. Snooze.

Who do you think it will be?

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