Do you watch Parenthood?

I think you should... but it's too late now (The season finale was this past week).
This show got a lot of press before it even first aired, as Maura Tierney (ER) dropped out for health reasons and was replaced by Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls). Not that I was super psyched about the show to begin with, but thats switcheroo actually made me not want to watch it. Gilmore Girls was great, Lauren Graham seems like a cool chick, I just don't believe she can play any other character than Loreli Gilmore (which, in my opinion, is still true. Yes, I like Parenthood, but I still think the character she plays is exactly like Loreli). Plus, isn't it basically just another version of Brothers and Sisters? (Yes.)

Anyway, I caught a few episodes this season (mainly just because I left it on NBC after Biggest Loser was over), and am actually starting to like the Braverman's. Even just watching an episode here and there, I'm getting caught up in all the family drama (Haddie's boyfriend sleeps with her cousin?! wtf! Sorry, I also don't know all their names yet....). I'm actually a little sad it's over. 

Put it on my list of shows to catch up on this summer....

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