Flashforward is failing

FlashForward dipped below five million viewers for the first time last night, making the odds for this drama's renewal lower than Congress' approval rating...

From TV Fanatic

Ok, I will admit. I do really like the show FlashForward. The whole concept has intrigued me from the beginning, even if it hasn't been executed very well (the show has been criticized for moving too slow, lacking intriguing characters, bad acting, etc). It might not be the next LOST, as it was hyped to be, but I still find it to be a pretty solid, entertaining show that keeps me on my toes every week. 

Some plot lines I'm loving right now...

  • The idea that Olivia and Lloyd were always meant to be together. It's like, no matter what you choose, certain things are supposed to happen. Now, then, later, it doesn't matter. 
  • The constant fear of Demitri dying. If the statement above is true... he's going to die no matter what (then again, aren't we all?). 
  • Janice is the mole? WTF. Not cool Janice. 
  • Janice is pregnant with Demitri's child? WTF x 2. Gabrielle Union is not going to like that one bit. 
  • Anything and everything Olivia and that teddy bear agent are discovering about the experiements before the black out (why she is included in theis FBI investigation is really lost on me though...)
  • I want more of that mobster group behind that black out that is obviously manipulating Janice, Charlie aka Simon, and apparently a lady at a pet shop

So the show is probably getting cancelled. But I'm not that sad. And I'm not going to fight for it to stay alive. 

You know why?

Because I want more than answers, I want resolution. I want to know what caused the black out, who caused the black out, and I want them caught and punished. I want something to happen to either prove that our destinies are not planned out ahead of us, but tha we do have control over our future; or something to prove the opposite. 

And I know that the series ending will allow them to do that. 

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