True Blood Finale: Season 5

WARNING: This post contains details from the True Blood season finale. Read at your own risk. 

While I checked my watch more than once during the episode (it kind dragged....), I have to admit, my mouth was left wide open at the end. Literally.

I read an interview last week (that I can't find now...) with creator Alan Ball (or a writer maybe?) about how usually, True Blood's big climactic moment comes in episode 10 or 11, and then the finale is more about cleaning up the mess and setting the wheels in place for next season. Whoever it was said that this season was going to be a cliffhanger.... and it was.

(SPOILER TIME! I warned you.)

Seeing Bill drink Lillith's blood, melt away, and then rise from the pool of blood was And Eric yelling 'Run' was quite the cliffhanger. You can't run from vampires, much less one that is their re birthed deity. And what of Eric? He tried to stop Lillith/Bill. What will this ruler do to him now? Is Eric still stronger because he is older? What chance do good vamps have against Bill and the broken Authority now? Next season should be titled, Where Have All the Good Vamps Gone?

As for the rest of our Bon Temps buddies....

Russell, may he RIP. Not really. As much as I hate Russell, was that death really befitting one of the greatest True Blood villains of all time? Not to mention, one of the best actors the show has seen? I mean... Eric staked him before the opening credits even rolled. Just seemed too easy. Too unimpressive.  Honestly, seeing how things shaped up at the end of the episode, I would have liked to see some Bill / Russell interaction. Isn't God Bill on Russell's side now? Can Russell share power? Especially with someone charged with killing him?

Sookie should have ran to Eric before Jason. Just sayin. I know Jason is her brother... but Eric just saved her and her fairy friends.

Mr and Mrs. Stackhouse are not how I imagined. I always thought they would be more kindhearted like Sookie or Gran, so to hear them talk about vampires the way the did, encourage Jason to kill them all, ridicule Sookies' naivete... I'm just surprised. But are they they real thing? Or just figments of Jason's subconscious? I guess he could be making them to tell him what he wants to hear. I did love seeing his Rambo side come back again!

And speaking of Jason, the only upside to his 'death to all vampires' stance was his reaction to Jessica. She finally comes around and he tells her he could never love her. I love that and can't wait to see how it develops next season. Jessica and Jason have this bond - not only because he drank her blood - but because they lost Hoyt together.

Poor Andy. 4 kids? That's going to be hilarious. 

Uh, Sam and Luna aren't in the clear yet. That was awesome that they killed that vampire and exposed the Authority on live TV.... but they are still in the building! And Sam is naked! And Emma is a dog! And it was on TV, so those bodyguards know exactly where to find them. Let's hope they get up to the roof or wherever Jason and Eric and friends were headed....

Who is this girl that Alcide is in love with? What about Sookie? That was a total tease having them almost get together this season. And then next thing you know, he's off with some other chick! I know Eric glamoured him and said he couldn't like Sookie... but still. No one wants to watch a show about a werewolf and his wolf girlfriend. Also, how the heck will Alcide being pack master have any relation to the bigger storyline? Is it destined to be one of ....

The forgotten/useless story lines: Lafayette. Terry and Arlene and the demon. Warlow. CORRECTION. Get thee to HBO Go for a tease about next season and Warlow!!! 

Finally, is Hoyt gone for good? I hope so. Don't get me wrong, I love Hoyt. But he had such a touching send-off. If he comes back.... I hope it is in the season finale next year. Or in a season after that or something.

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