The Women of the Newsroom

I've been reading a lot of criticism of the women on The Newsroom, and just felt compelled to weigh in. 

Many are complaining that the women are weak, lovesick. That Sorkin is obsessed with this Don/Maggie/Jim subplot (and so is 'News Night' EP Mac). Mac is more concerned about what Will said at the end of that deleted voicemail than the fact that his being high on air might be revealed or that they are using it to take down Leona and her son. Sloan, the most stone cold of the bunch, comes clean that she's got a thing for Don (ew, by the way) and then insists they never make eye contact at work again because she's mortified. 

But isn't this realistic? Aren't you allowed to be the best EP in the business and still worry about what your ex (who you're still in love with) is thinking? Isn't it normal to be a twenty something caught between the comfortable choice and the friend who might be more? And - especially when you're working with these people - isn't it normal to think about that at work? To let those feelings, conversations affect you from 9am-5pm?

If all this isn't normal..... I might be in trouble. 

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