Glee Poster: Who's going to St. Louis?!

A new poster for Glee came out last week, and while everyone else is asking, 'Where's Quinn?!' I just want to know who is heading to St. Louis!

Rumors are saying it's either Santana - who was supposed to go to Louisville, not St. Louis, but people are suspecting the Glee dept. messed up the name.... - or Finn - who is in St. Louis looking at army records (we have army records here?). 

Perhaps, though, it could be someone else entirely. One of the other seniors taking a detour in STL on their way elsewhere? Maybe one of the new kids is a transfer from St. Louis?

Also, I feel obligated to point out that while the St. Louis sign is pointing east of Lima.... We're actually to the west. Just thought I should clear that up.

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