Pretty Little Liars Finale, Or 'I Knew It Was....!'

WARNING: I'm not holding back. I can't. I won't. This post contains HUGE spoilers about the Pretty Little Liars finale. 

"Awwww hell no."

Those were my exact words when I heard the gun go off. The whole time, I had a feeling it was going to be Caleb who was shot. I mean, he had a gun. In the preview, Hannah was hysterically crying. Just makes sense. But then, the way things were shaping up, I thought maybe I was wrong and it was just creepy cousin/Mya stalker. (That doesn't really explain Hannah's crying then.... whatever.)

Let's look on the bright side... he isn't dead yet. If they kill him. I'll be PISSED.

After all, the girls need a knight in shining armor to protect them from..... TOBY?!?!?!

I knew it was him.

I've just always thought he was super creepy and up to something. And he just happened to come back that day that all the shit was going down? The whole time he was (hooking up) with Spencer, I thought, 'Man, how much would it suck if he was the 'betrayer'.' Rather poignant, don't you think? Since Spencer has been accusing Emily's significant other?

Speaking of Emily's significant other/creepy - I still don't like Paige. And raise your hand if you thought creepy cousin/Mya stalker was a weirdo from the get go. [My hand is raised, FYI] While we're at it, keep you hand up if you think Mya was a creepy weirdo, too!

[Hand, raised.]


Cassie said...

I pretty much had a feeling either the body bag, or person going in the ambulance was Caleb, just because of how upset they showed Hanna. The other girls were a lot calmer, so I just had to decipher from there if he was killed or not. Thank goodness he was just shot, because I will be very sad if he doesn't return to the show. As far as everything else goes in the episode, I am shocked! I missed the finale on Tuesday, but I did get a chance to watch before I headed of to work at Dish this morning on their site Dishonline.com. Watching it definitely made me not like Paige as much either, and my hand is raised with yours about Nate! I actually liked Mya though, so I’ll be keeping my hand down for that one. :)

Evi @ sexta-feira said...

Just finished watching the finale and I agree with you. When I had started watching the show, Toby had been one of my prime suspects. As the episodes went by I was deceived into believing that he was fine and I had even been suspicious of Caleb. However, there were so many characters going in and out of the plot that Toby as A wasn't as a powerful ending as I wanted it to be. Poor Spencer...

Thanks for your review and yes, I don't like Paige and I didn't like Maya either.

Danielle said...

I'm thinking that maybe, JUST MAYBE, Toby has teamed up with Mona to actually protect Spencer..... Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, right?
- Danielle


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