'True Blood' to end in 2014

True Blood to end run in 2014.

Thank. God.

I like True Blood, really I do. If only for the man candy. But it stopped being good... oh I don't know, somewhere in between the were-leopards, possessed orgies and Lafayette's luche libre demon whispering. Oh yeah, and the fairies.

Why do I still watch this show again?

In the beginning, this show was about something. Vampires had just 'come out of the coffin' thanks to the manufacturing of a synthetic blood drink called Tru Blood. There was still prejudice against vamps, and against those who sided with vamps. There were vamp-owned businesses and human-owned businesses. Government either supported vampire rights or were against them.

I liked that show.

Through the last six seasons, every time a storyline like this creeps in - the Authority, Governor Burrell, the Tru Blood factory bombings, Fangtasia vs Merlotte's, Hoyt's mom, all the initial hate towards Sookie, the Fellowship of the Sun etc I like it. I like the human/vampire conflict.

All that other stuff.... eh.

And while I do think the finale gave some new life to the show – humans depending on vampires for protection while vampires depend on humans for uncontaminated blood – it was only a matter of time before the real world problems ODed on mythical creatures.

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