House of Cards S1 Binge Watch

I finally binge watched House of Cards S1 over the holidays and - whoa. You people weren't kidding. This show is good.

I feel sorry for everyone who compares Spader on The Blacklist to Kevin Spacey in Cards. Sure, Spader is great… but he is nothing compared to Spacey. He's creepy, maniacal, but he's not your typical antihero.

Tony Soprano ushered in Dexter Morgan, Walter White and Don Draper. Bad men that we wanted to win. We love them, despite everything. But Spacey's Frank Underwood… I'm not so sure. I'm not sure I want him to win. To succeed in his plots. In fact, I think I want him to be taken down… but I'm not sure of an adversary who'll be able to do it.

Certainly not Kate Mara, who plays upcoming journalist Zoe Barnes. I'm not convinced she can set aside her personal attraction/feelings for Underwood to go through with his take down.

And can we talk a minute about Robin Wright, Frank's wife? How perfect is she? Perhaps she's the antihero in all of this. I cherish her moments of strength, conviction, happiness with the former lover/photographer. And her clothes. All her clothes. Oh, and her haircut is fierce.

Anywho. Season 2 promos are here, and is on Netflix Feb 14th. Happy Valentine's Day y'all.

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Kristin said...

I am obsessed. And, I couldn't agree more about your feelings on Frank. I think I do actually dislike him.


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