Why I gave up on 'Hostages'

Tonight, the last two episodes were airing. I "watched" one ("watched" as in, sat on my phone the whole time and had no idea what was going on) and then went ahead and deleted the other.

I'll have you know. I rarely do that. Unlike most things in my personal life, TV shows I generally see all the way through. Seriously, I'm still watching Revolution.

I watch(ed) a lot of bad shows that were supposed to be good. Once Upon A Time (the original and … in Wonderland), 666 Park Ave, Terra Nova, Awake, The Playboy Club, even the DOA Mocking Bird Lane. It wasn't a shock to me that any of these shows were cancelled. (Or, in the case of those still on the air… cancel them already! They're terrible!) There was something about them - the bad acting, improbable plot, bad storytelling, bad CGI, characters I didn't care about. Something that I knew from the beginning wouldn't last.

Hostages wasn't like that for me. The pilot was so good. The roster of actors was impressive. There's plenty of political drama hitting high notes these days - Homeland, Scandal, House of Cards. The show had all the right elements.

Yet, it fell apart.

Somewhere along the way, I lost interest. I think it was about the time that the black guy / Presbo from The Wire / President's younger sister or in law or whoever showed up. The plot really thickened. Too many people. Too improbable. And that roster of incredible actors? Were they phoning it in? Because it was so over the top.

I just couldn't handle it anymore. There's too much good TV on these days.

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