Glee: The First Time

For once, I actually watched Glee the night it was on.... Okay, lie. I watched the second half of it this morning, but whatever.

Just a couple thoughts:
1. Does that count as one of Damien's seven episodes? Because a shout out from Coach Beiste about his accent doesn't seem like much to me...

2. I feel like this episode was too much. You obviously had the BIG storyline about sex - which, can someone please point out that we already had this episode/conversation last season? But then you add in Artie's direction of the musical; Coach Beiste's romance; Finn's football/life drama; the new Warbler liking Blaine.... I just feel like those 'side' stories deserved more time. Maybe even their own episodes. Those were big moments for the characters.... but they were overshadowed by all the 'first time' mumbo jumbo.

3. And sort of playing off that... I wish we had met the new Warbler earlier. Sort of had some build up, more flirtation between the two for Kurt to be jealous of. What's going to happen to him know? Is he still on the show?

4. Kerofsky! So glad to see him back. I really liked that scene. But did we know he transferred? I think I missed that...

5. And on Glee Chat, they asked: Do you believe Blaine and Kurt? Not anymore. I never really saw the passion, the attraction. But then when we see Blaine and the new Warbler... wowza. (A) He's hot, and (B) Blaine knows it.

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Megan said...

I was really excited about Beiste and her love interest this episode. She's quickly becoming one of mine and my husband's favorite characters. I thought it was really sweet how the Ohio State coach pursued her.


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